• The perfect ally for combating stress

    The perfect ally for combating stress


Terra-Sorb® is a range of amino acid based biostimulants obtained by Enzymatic Hydrolysis of fast incorporation into the plant metabolism.

Why do I choose Terra-Sorb®?

Greater Nutrient Absorption

Greater Nutrient Absorption

The complexing power of the amino acids in Terra-Sorb® increases the availability of macro- and micronutrients in the soil.
Resistance to Stress

Resistance to Stress

Terra-Sorb®, increases crop resistance to situations of stress (drought, phytotoxicity, root asphyxia, etc.), maintains photosynthetic activity and enhances rapid recovery.
High Compatibility

High Compatibility

Terra-Sorb® may be applied together with standard nutritional and phytosanitary treatments and enhances their absorption and effectiveness.
Pharmaceutical Quality

Pharmaceutical Quality

The quality standards followed in the preparation of Terra-Sorb® are guarantees of its consistency and activity and ensure that no salts or heavy metals are contained in the product.

Terra-Sorb® Products

Plant Health

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